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Danbrook Elementary School

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Welcome to Danbrook

EclipsePARENTS - Note about Monday's Eclipse.
  • Students will be instructed to not look up 
  • The MPR will be open for students who would not like to play outside
For more information about the eclipse, please you can visit the American Astronomical Society and the National Science Teachers Association, who have put together information charts, tip sheets and other material to help the rest of us watch the eclipse safely.

An alternative method for safe viewing of the partially eclipsed sun is pinhole projection ( For example, cross the outstretched, slightly open fingers of one hand over the outstretched, slightly open fingers of the other, creating a waffle pattern. With your back to the sun, look at your hands’ shadow on the ground. The little spaces between your fingers will project a grid of small images on the ground, showing the sun as a crescent during the partial phases of the eclipse. Or, just look at the shadow of a leafy tree during the partial eclipse; you will see the ground dappled with crescent Suns projected by the tiny spaces between the leaves.

Online Resources

NASA and Exploratorium are working together to provide a live streaming of the eclipse.  They also have various eclipse related resources on their website including this 2-page flyer:

Discovery Education
Discovery Education has a variety of resources for each grade level.  You will find a variety of multimedia options, from videos and maps to pictures and lesson starters.

How many eclipses are left in your lifetime?