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Danbrook Elementary School

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Meet Your Principal


Mr. Erasmo Garcia


Mr. Garcia has 18 years of experience as an administrator and five years of experience teaching elementary and middle school children in the classroom and in after-school programs.  Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. Garcia earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of California, San Diego.  While still an undergraduate, he was recognized as a McNair Scholar for his research in behavioral and cognitive psychology.  Continuing his lifelong love of learning, Mr. Garcia completed his graduate coursework in teaching, counseling, and administration at Chapman and Azusa Pacific University.  Since then he has held various leadership positions, including middle school assistant principal, high school assistant principal, and middle school principal. This fall Mr. Garcia kicks off his 10th year as Danbrook’s principal. 

Under his leadership, Danbrook has transformed into a Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Academy.  Students are able to choose from a diverse selection of fine arts electives.  Sculpture, Fashion Design, Improvisation, Tap Dance and Ballet are just a few of the offerings.  This school year brings new energy and refinement to Danbrook’s VAPA while continuing to provide a nurturing culture and rigorous academic standards. Danbrook focuses heavily on the use of technology and teacher preparation to ensure that students have a strong fundamental understanding of 21st Century skills.  In order to build citizenship and a sense of civic duty, the school provides students opportunities to practice the C.A.R.E. (Courteous, Aware, Responsible, and Eager to Learn) attributes.  Parent, students, and educators, together as a community of learners, make Danbrook a great place to learn.